Refresh: An Evening of Style

“We want to be an organization that focuses on kindness and connection.” – Heather Hill, Event Organizer


“It was important for us to have a kick-off event that brought ALL the women in the 80125 zip code together. Our community is growing fast, and we want to be a support system to lift each other up.”

– Paraphrased from Heather’s opening speech.

Women of 80125: Takeaways from the Premiere Event

  1. Women of 80125: You most definitely lived out your mission of kindness and connection. I got to meet many new faces and was also surprised to see familiar faces from years ago. All women business owners were asked to stand up, introduce themselves and their particular business, and then they were given a moment to be seen and heard. The difference between this event and others that I’ve attended is feeling like I already belong.
  2. Dana Lynch, Elements of Image: “No one body type is better than another. It’s a matter of working with what you got to look and feel your best,” she said. Some popular trends include velvet, wide-bottom pants, high-rise pants, and plaid. (Check out the “French Tuck” from Tam @queereye where only the front of your shirt is tucked in. Don’t think about it.)  And last but not least, consider all kinds of animal prints. Dana’s Colorado must-have fall/winter items are booties and fashionable hiking boots. She added that no matter what, “when in doubt, always wear a smile.”
  3. Sedrique Olison: Be adventurous and play. “Makeup is an accessory, not a mask,” he reminded attendees. Along with your outfit, you want your face to be fashion-forward. We all learned that we have been applying our makeup wrong for years, and one participant said, “I realize I’ve been doing my makeup the same since I was 12 years old.” Toner is a big staple to help exfoliate the skin and set your skin better for makeup. “If you get the canvas right, you don’t have to use as much paint,” he explained. Sedrique also taught us the proper ways to apply makeup while encouraging us to play with colors and be adventurous.

Event commentary provided by Macy Graham, ROX Lifestyle Magazine writer



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