Redesigning a Roxborough Village Master Bath into a Contemporary, Classic, and Timeless Space

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Ahhhhhh, the alluring power of a luxurious bath!

Shari and Wes Kimmey felt it immediately after reinventing two bathrooms in their nearly 20-year-old home in Roxborough Village. The result? They now say they just love spending time there. “Absolutely,” Shari exclaimed when asked if the renovations influenced their bathing habits. “I have never taken as many baths as I have since getting the new tub,” she said. “I love that it’s small and doesn’t waste much water. I hated the huge tub we had with jets. People think jets are a plus, and I beg to differ because they’re impossible to clean.”

The Kimmey family—with college-age daughters, Katie and Annie, and son, Michael, a high school senior—worked with Martin Alvarez, owner of Red Rok Remodel, to overhaul their master bathroom and hallway bath. It was the final project to complete a major renovation of their four-level home.

 “We have lived here for 19 years, and everything in both bathrooms was original,” Shari explained. “They were in pretty dismal shape, so we were hoping to give them a total refresh, in the style of the rest of home—mostly black and white, with gold and matte black fixtures. We wanted a classic, timeless design, but most of all, we wanted bathrooms that were configured in a way that really worked better for us.”

            Top of the list in Shari’s mind was the flooring.

“Our master bath had carpet, which is such a horrible choice that we’ve hated since moving in,” she said. “I’ve hated it so much, in fact, that I pulled it up several months before we remodeled and just put carpet runners and mats on the subfloor. We just needed to get that carpet out!”

The Kimmey’s Master Bathroom

On Wes’ list of priorities: A bigger shower.

“We really wanted to gain some space in the master shower,” he shared. “The original was so small, I could barely turn around in there.”

Saving space was equally important. Thus, an ingenious installation of a sliding door to replace a traditional one, along with removal of an adjacent door to a walk-in closet, made a huge difference. “It’s the one thing I like the best,” Wes noted, explaining that he “hated those paper-thin doors” that were original to the home.

“We replaced the door to the bathroom with a sliding barn door, which has saved space, and we love the look,” Shari said, noting she has always had an eye for good design. “Removing the door to the walk-in closet enabled us to move around easier in the closet. Lots of small changes like this really improved the usability of the room.”

The Kimmeys chose Red Rok Remodel after soliciting bids from several contractors. Shari said Martin stood above all others. “He got me,” she remarked of his response to her ideas. “He was the one who had the best prices and he was local.”

Having recently invested in an entire main-level renovation including a new kitchen, the couple felt they needed to stick to their budget. “We really tried to be cost effective,” Shari explained, noting that they personally sourced materials like tile and fixtures, including vanities from Costco and Lowe’s, toilets from Lowe’s, and a tub from Wayfair.

“We didn’t splurge on anything,” Shari said, “Well, except for the high-end Kingston Brass faucets and Pottery Barn mirrors.”

RED ROK REMODEL, based in Roxborough Park, offers clients great flexibility from conception to completion—whether it’s a bathroom redo, finishing a basement, or redesigning a kitchen. In fact, it’s what sets Martin’s team apart from other contractors.

“We help you develop a design and implementation strategy,” he explained when asked about his process, which often translates into savings when purchasing materials. “I encourage clients to investigate products and then talk with me about their selections. I work with certain suppliers and pass on any discounts I get to the client.”

Additionally, Martin, who serves as general contractor, said, “We are very deliberate in how we stage the project.” His team collaborates with specialists during every step in the process, including plumbing, flooring, tile, drywall, painting, and finishing.

Referring to the Kimmey’s two bathrooms, Martin said, “Shari has a very good design sense. She knew exactly what she wanted, and I gave my input to help tweak her plan.”

Rox Lifestyle readers may recognize Martin’s name because he’s also the publisher of this magazine. His extensive background in marketing actually led to his work in remodeling because, he explained, he really enjoys renovating spaces. “It’s my passion.”

Martin’s team includes interior designer Brooke Munson, who is also a licensed general contractor. For complex projects, the Red Rok team offers design services with three-dimensional mock-up and consultation on selections such as color scheme, fixtures, and other details. With three years of experience in Roxborough and eight years in the Denver area, Martin said Red Rok Remodel primarily serves the south metro area and C-470 corridor, including Castle Rock, Arvada, Lakewood, and Ken Caryl.

For those who want to remodel yet are concerned about costs, Martin offers some ballpark figures to mull over. Updating a standard 5-by-8-foot hallway or kids’ bathroom and replacing a tub and shower can run between $6,500 and $12,000, while renovating a master bath typically costs between $9,000 to $25,000, depending, as Martin explained, on “whether you’re keeping the present footprint or replacing everything.” He added that remodeling a larger five-piece master bath can get a little pricier, up to $50,000.

The good news is that it costs nothing to arrange a meet-up with Martin to discuss the possibilities for your project. Visit to find out more and to schedule a free consultation.




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