Bulletproof Coffee

Key benefits of drinking Bulletproof coffee is that it provides sustained energy without highs and lows. The ingredients are thermogenic—they help your body burn fat while conserving lean muscle tissue.


1T. coconut oil

1 T. Irish Kerrygold unsalted butter

1 shot of espresso or Small cup of coffee (4-6 oz.)

May use 1 packet of stevia, raw sugar, agave, honey, or any other sweetener if needed


Combine all ingredients in a magic bullet or blender for 10 to 15 seconds. There will be a thick layer of froth on the top like a latte. Pour into coffee cup and enjoy!

*May use MCT oil instead of coconut oil. You can purchase MCT oil online. This is a flavorless oil and has a different texture than coconut oil.

*Kerrygold Irish Butter is unsalted and comes from grain-fed animals. If you have been avoiding fats or are on a low fat diet or low calorie diet, you will want to cut this back at first. Gradually increase the butter as your body adapts to it. Also, you may want to use a digestive enzyme that aids your body in breaking down fats. This is especially true for vegans.


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