The Magic and Wonder of Colorado

Article by Andy Marquez

Toward the end of 2014, I approached a Boulder publishing firm about republishing my very successful coffee table book, “A Breath Away From Heaven.” I waited a couple of weeks, then was called and told they wish not to reprint, but would like me to do a new one. This excited me. They basically wanted new images that hadn’t been previously published. So, any images that I’d taken since 2007 were good, or any in the archives from way back.

Then, of course, I was dying to shoot some new ones. I basically had 2015 to get the job done. I hit the road around Colorado coming up with about 30 new ones. Loving what I was doing, I was told to keep shooting, turning a 60-page book into 160 pages. I was also asked to accompany each image with some poetic words. I started out trying to rhyme but wound up writing four lines, each with eight syllables.

In early 2016, the layout was completed. Publication, scheduled for April, was then postponed until June, and then indefinitely. In August, I was informed via email that the company had filed for bankruptcy. My book had not been actually printed, unlike 222 others that were in the same boat, it sat in bankruptcy court for a year. However, I got creative and put together my storybook, “The Adventures of Vilhelm and Gustavo.” Meanwhile, a very good collector of mine, Mr. W. told me that if I could get the file, he’d pay for the printing and we’d split the profits. It was a far better deal than for what I was originally contracted.

Early in 2017, the file was released to a buyer from Denver who said he’d never print it because he had all those other books to deal with. Nervously, I asked him what he’d charge me for the file. He said, “Go to your local Walmart, pick up a jump drive, bring it to my house, and I’ll burn it for you.” Finally, it was happening, and in September it was released. It made the wait and the work so rewarding…Thank you, Mr. W.!

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