By Macy Graham

Our year is under way, and hopefully you were able to take some time in January to re-evaluate your goals, celebrate some wins, and reflect on what’s truly important to you.

A universal theme for the month of February is Love. Let’s build off the idea that no matter what action we take, we are either acting from a place of love or a place of fear

For example, if you are in fear of gaining weight, your action could be restriction of food, or rebellion against that fear and overindulgingaffirming that yes, your fear is true. However, if you are coming from a place of love, your actions could include exercising in fun ways or cooking up a new and healthy dinner idea.

It’s often our inner perspective that needs to shift in order to change our outside world.

Many of us have a deeply ingrained fear of failure. This holds us back from going after our desires and passions, and keeps us stuck in jobs we don’t like, bodies we don’t feel comfortable in, and environments that don’t support our highest vision. If we could change our minds to love failure, what could that do for us? It would take the pressure off. It would allow us to feel brave and vulnerable, which is what it takes to change the world. Success is not possible without failure. We wouldn’t know what not to do, unless we did it first to see. Failure is simply feedback for us to take in, and then try again, and again, and again until it’s just as we envisioned it to be.

When you act and intend out of fear, you attract corresponding conditions created by fear. When you act and intend out of love, you attract corresponding conditions created by love.

How can we act from a place of love when we are truly fearful? Deep conscious breaths help calm our nervous system, and shift us from a place of stress to relaxation. If stress is a fearful state, then relaxation is a loving one. We may not have the option to decide because it all happens too quickly such as, for example, being in a car wreck. By the time we’ve recognized we’re going to wreck, and brace for impact, the damage has already been done. It’s automatic habits and functioning that take over at that point and react for us. Car wrecks are super scary, and with them come trauma, injuries, and financial stress.

To choose love over fear can happen after the experience is over, and you are able to then reflect on what happened. If you were to stay fearful, it would take longer to heal and create the negative experience over and over again in your mind. The mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined fear, so this just continues the trauma. If you chose to see the car wreck through the lens of love, you would feel grateful that you are still alive. You would be able to see the deeper lesson that this happened to you, and follow through on doctor appointments and insurance claims that will help you heal.

This month, choose love over fear. Whether it be in your career, your health, your relationships, or your social life – ask yourself, “How can I make this more loving?” Love is the highest vibrational state that you can be in. With love comes pleasure, compassion, gratitude, joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Begin to notice what doesn’t feel like this, and you will begin to uncover where you are living in fear.



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