Article by Kaye Puckett

Kaye’s Design Tip: The European Wet Room

The latest in master bath design is the European Wet Room concept. This approach has been used in Europe for many years, but is fairly new to the U.S.  I’ve found it a great solution, especially when designing smaller bathrooms or remodeling a tricky layout. It’s also becoming a popular choice in new homes as well.

What is a European Wet Room? It is a layout where the bath tub, typically freestanding, is incorporated into a large shower room. The entire shower/tub room is tiled from floor to ceiling and the natural gradient of the floor directs water to a linear drain. When designed correctly, a wet room can be the master bath’s highlight feature. It gives the room a spa-like feel, and the tiling lets you bring in a variety of colors and textures. Wet rooms are also quite easy to clean. Heated tile floors throughout the bathroom and wet room keep the space very comfortable and cozy, especially in the winter.


In this example, where I recently remodeled my own master bath, two of the walls are large glass panels. One of the glass panels is a large door with a tilted transom window opening at the top to add ventilation. This brought in much-needed natural light and takes advantage of the beautiful Roxborough view.



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