Hello Spring! An Energy of Renewal

Article by Macy Graham
It’s April which means spring is here and longer days are upon us! Of course, Colorado in April is usually one of our snowiest months, but thankfully the sunshine will come with it and an overall sense of lightness, too. Let’s talk about how you can take advantage of this energy of renewal and use it to reset this season.

Have you booked a vacation yet? Maybe a stay-cation? Time away from the daily grind can rejuvenate your spirit. It allows you to come back more productive and creative. I encourage you to create your own type of getaway, big or small, to fill your cup back up. Colorado is full of many beautiful places to visit and we live in one of them. Let’s not forget that Roxborough State Park has some of the best scenery for nature and wildlife sightings in the entire state.

It is naturally a great time to “clean up.” Whether that’s your diet, your closet, a deep house cleaning or your everyday products. I want to give you some healthy pointers for how to do this!

Finally the ground will start to thaw, and flowers and plants will begin to pop out again! That means you can eat foods that are in season. Some of my springtime favorites are spinach, asparagus and, of course, morel mushrooms. If anyone cares to share their Colorado honey hole with me, I’m all ears! It’s a chance to eat fresh, whole foods that can reset your digestive system and give you natural energy.

It can also feel great to clean out your closet and get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in awhile. A good rule of thumb is that if a piece of clothing doesn’t spark joy when you look at it or try it on, get rid of it. If you haven’t worn it in over two years, get rid of it. If you can think of anyone you know who would be able to benefit from the clothes you’re giving away, give it to them first. It feels really good, promise.

Don’t have time to deep clean your house? Hire it done. It’s totally worth it to support a local business, and it forces you to pick up around the house before they come. The one thing I would suggest is clean house products for them, or yourself, to use. Unfortunately, many cleaning products have toxic chemicals, dyes and scents in them. Look for cleaner ingredients or make your own household sprays with essential oils.      

While we’re on the topic of products, how many old lotion bottles or makeup items do you have lying around? Throw away products that you no longer use or those you haven’t used in more than a year. Treat yourself to some safe, clean beauty brands like Beauty Counter, Monat or DoTerra to name a few of my favorites.

All in all, take some time to reflect. Are there areas of your life that feel cluttered, stressful or avoidant? Create some space in your calendar for that previously mentioned stay-cation, but also to tackle some not-so-fun-but-necessary tasks that you know will make you feel lighter. What can you physically get rid of? What do you energetically need to let go? How can you “clean up your act” in a fun and loving way? I would love to hear your insights, so please email me your ideas.


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May 11, 2020


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