Feeling a Bit Restless at Home? How to Have Fun and Exercise with Your Four-Legged Pal!

Enjoy Your Dog!
My dogs and I are usually starting to get stir crazy at this point during the spring. The unpredictable weather and cold/warm temperature changes mean we spend a lot less time outside and a lot more time staring at each other indoors. If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of trying to figure out ways to get your pooch to settle down and lay quietly in the house. Your pooch is also probably pretty tired of being cooped up without engaging their brain for days on end!
The good news is that I’ve got a big list of activities designed for dogs that end up being fun for humans too! Below is a list of some “Dog Sports” and a brief description of what they are. This is not a complete list; there are many more out there! Almost all dogs can participate and some may be competitive in “trials” where they can win ribbons and trophies.


 A sport in which the dog and owner navigate a course of obstacles off leash and against a clock


Dogs are judged on their ability to search and locate rats (safely caged!) underground

Fast CAT

A timed 100-yard dash chasing a lure over a designated course


A sport focusing on the handler and dog working together to manipulate livestock such as ducks, goats, sheep or cattle


Owner and dog navigate a course of skills and tricks that require a high level of teamwork

Scent work

The dogs are taught to indicate when they come across particular scents, which are hidden among various environments or obstacles

Many dog training facilities in the Denver metro and Colorado Springs areas have lessons in some, if not all, of the sports listed as well as more. Warning: Dog sports are addictive. Have fun!


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May 11, 2020


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