Design Tips from Kaye: A Color for Every Mood

Article by: Kaye Puckett – Interior Designer


One of the most common questions my interior design clients ask is: “What colors are currently in style?” It’s often followed by: “And who determines these colors anyway?”

Before I show clients photos of the latest color trends, my response is typically not what they expected. I’ll ask them, “What colors make you happy?” That’s because, above everything else, the colors we choose to be surrounded by should be colors that make us happy. Since color can have a great influence on our emotions, tell a story, and impact the way we experience a space, I want to help clients first determine what type of feeling or mood they’d like to create.

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The Pantone Color Institute, which consists of a small group of worldwide members, is considered one of the leading authorities on color trends.  These trends are not only for interior design—they also influence the palettes for fashion, multimedia, manufacturing and technology industries. The Pantone members make these annual selections based on various cultural trends and sentiments from around the world. Pantone explains that “a color snapshot is what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” The upcoming trends are predicted to be inspired in part by mindfulness and the oceans — a snapshot featuring a wide array of soothing blues, pale greens, corals and sandy whites. Additionally, there’s a global/tribal influence including bright yellows, oranges, warmer earthy tones, bold blues, and bright greens. The intent of combining these two contrasting palettes is to show that different thoughts and feelings can work in harmony.

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Updating colors keep spaces fresh and exciting. This doesn’t mean you have to completely change an entire room or the whole house. An update can be done with a fresh coat of paint throughout the home or simply with an accent wall in one room. Accessories like throw pillows, lamps, vases, and rugs are a fast and affordable way to bring in these updated pops of color without a lot of commitment or expense. An easy way to see these current color trends is to visit one of the many local paint stores or their websites. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint companies put together easy-to-use color palettes featuring current color trends. These palettes can be utilized as a guide when pulling together various accessories and paint choices to update your home.

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And what if you don’t like ANY of these color trends? As the expression goes, “just wait a few minutes and it will change!”

Images from Sherwin Williams.



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