A Tale of Two Homes: ROX STYLE!



To kick off our home design tips for ROX Lifestyle, we decided to feature two of the most common types of design challenges that we face in the 80125 area code—new construction and older home renovation.


With the ever-expanding growth and new home development going on in our area, homeowners are often faced with awkward and bizarre design elements that are cast upon them by home developers—the ones that leave you wondering, “Who made that decision?” And if you live in an older home in the Park, you may be left with a home that may not “flow well,” has poor and outdated design elements, and leaves you in a quandary: “Where do I even begin?”

Trust me, we’ve all been there, and being a new or long-time homeowner is a never-ending pursuit of trying to create your favorite little nook in the world that will leave you feeling cozy, comfortable, and enriched at the end of the day. But how do you get from here to there?

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all at once. We’ve found that taking your projects one step at a time is a great way to develop your home’s overall theme and design. Let’s get started! Check out these featured homes for design ideas that may work with your existing home—or help you create your own dream escape.

Design Tips from Kaye of Kaye Puckett Interior Designs

The two homes featured, while they are designed in different styles, demonstrate current design trends. A popular element, which happens to work very well in Roxborough, is bringing the outside in by incorporating stone accent walls. The stone also adds wonderful texture and pattern. 


Design Tip #1


Roxborough New Construction

Elegant Yet Comfy

Kaye Puckett: The homeowners of this new construction project enjoy spending time with their three children and having large gatherings of friends and family for various social events. The décor was designed to reflect their love of a Modern French Alpine style. While refined and elegant, all of the furnishings are extremely comfortable and durable. The warm gray and cream palette is absolutely timeless!

tale house 1a wr


09-06-18 6474 Willow Broom Trail 0001-Edited-NEW1260WR


Design Tip #2


Roxborough Older Home Renovation 

Mountain Lodge Living

Kaye Puckett: Our second featured home is one of the earlier homes built in Roxborough Park. The homeowners were excited to have it transformed into an updated Colorado mountain style that was well-suited for both quiet fireside evenings and large gatherings. Deep, rich wood tones and a palette of navy, taupe, and charcoal create an intimate and inviting space full of character and warmth.

The Chafes made the decision from the very beginning to bring in expert advice to help them achieve the look and feel they desired. I literally designed every inch of the home and they didn’t have to make a single decision—even down to the napkins on the table.

tale house 2a wr


We recently had the pleasure of visiting with Heidi and Rick Chafe in their beautiful remodeled home in Roxborough Park. When you enter the home, you immediately feel the openness of the space, yet each area was carefully designed to give it its own unique and comfortable identity.

What was most important to them in the design element? They wanted to create an environment “with a mountain lodge feel, yet also a city vibe because of the close proximity to Denver.” They moved to Roxborough Park in 2002 and began their renovation process in May 2016, the beginning of a longstanding and wonderful relationship with their designer, Kaye Puckett. By taking the project “one step at a time,” she was able to not only give the Chafes a beautiful home for themselves and their family, but she was able to do so in a way that suited their budget. They completed all of the remodel projects in 2018.

What prompted Heidi and Rick to move to Roxborough Park? For them it was taking hikes through the Park and seeing the beauty of Roxborough, yet still being within the city limits. For Heidi, she felt that moving to the Park truly gave her a sense of being able to “have it all.” Not only could they enjoy the beautiful wildlife and amazing hiking trails as well as Red Rock formations, but they found a tranquility in the people who surrounded the area. Heidi recalls “interviewing the neighbors, and asking them about how they felt about living in Roxborough.” The answer was always the same: “We absolutely love it here!” When I asked Heidi and Rick how they felt about living in the Park, the answer was almost in unison: “We will never leave, we have no desire to leave, this is our forever home.”

To the Chafes it wasn’t only important to create and design a beautiful home, for them, it was about comfort, family, community, and having a place that they had no desire to leave. Truly, living in Roxborough gives you that sense of living in a “special place” and making you never want to part.



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